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      Surface special treatment


      • Print

        We have a comprehensive and exquisite printing technology, providing the customer's diverse products with screen printing, pad printing, water transfer printing, hot stamping, and more. With different printing processes, surface treatments can be made for parts such as instrument buttons, mirror of the infrared camera parts, rough surface battery cover, entire surface of air purifiers, and more. Printing solves the difficult problem of many product surface decorations.

      • Coating

        We provide customers with rubber and plastic parts with paint and UV spraying service. Painting can increase products' color needs, while PU/UV spray are used to make the product more wear resistant, anti-ultraviolet, and enhance visual effect. We combine manual and automatic spraying technology to solve the spray problem of different product structures such as corners, surfaces, arcs and more.

      • Laser Etching

        Certain types of products, such as the car instrument keys, security lock button, the coffee machine buttons, etc. are perfect for laser engraving and laser etching technology, we can apply laser etching on the different plastic parts, apply on silicone rubber parts to light up a logo, allow keypads to glow with back lighting It can also be used in the metal products, increasing their aesthetic degree.

      • Electroplating

        To meet customer requirements for special product surface effects on devices such as fingerprint security systems, handheld remote controls, car accessories, etc., we can offer product surface and interior surface plating processes. Electroplating can improve the gloss and aesthetics of plastic products as well as corrosion resistance. At the same time, we can also do chemical surface treatment of metal products to enhance the product's appearance.

      • Ultrasonic Welding(USW)

        We can provide ultrasonic welding for the parts of different plastic materials, so as to create a way for plastics which cannot be completed with overmolding or gluing to assemble together. Through ultrasonic welding, complex products such as heat sinks, instrument equipments and other electronic equipments can be welded together.

      • Epoxy

        We can provide epoxy coating for the customer's keypad products, so that the surface of the product is smooth and curved while increasing wear resistance.