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      Excellent equipment


      Molding Processing Equipment

      We have about 20 CNC machines with international brands such as MAKINO/FANUC/DAILIK. and EDM machines from brands like AGIECHARMILLES, DAEHHN OSCARMAX, DOPHEN ZEC Our other equipments includes high speed line cutting machine, slow wire cutting machine, vertical milling machine,grinding machine,horizontal drilling machine and universal grinding cutter,


      Plastic Injection Molding Machine Equipment

      Our factory is equipped with over 80 Toshiba, Jo-Wai, TAICHUNG, and HAITIAN branded injection molding machines, including 50tons to 450tons injection molding machine and 150t-380t twin-shot injection molding machines.


      Rubber Compression Molding Equipment

      We have more than 70 compression molding machines, which span 50T to 300T.There are 10 vertical injection machines with 160T to 250T.


      Electronic & Non-Electronic assembly Line

      Equipped with CCD positioning printing equipment, CCD laminating equipment, soft PCB SMT equipment, intelligent assembly equipment, etc., and nearly 100 stations, our use of adapter fixtures, ultrasonic welding machines, and SMT equipments allow for diverse assembly needs of the products.


      Surface Treatment Equipment

      Plastic and rubber printing: 4 production lines, up to 40 printing equipments with flexible use of silk printing, pad printing, water transfer printing, and other technologies to complete the product surface printing needs. Plastic and rubber spraying: 6 production lines with over 30 automatic and manual spraying machines to solve the problem of spray painting different product structures such as corners, curved curved and partial area on a surface. Laser etching and engraving machine: More than 10 machines to create rubber and plastic backlight effects, improve the appearance of oxidized black hardware.