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      Win Industry Company Shenzhen


      +86 0755-26718583

      +86 0755-26500951


      NO.1 Kehui Road,
      Science & Industrial Park,
      Nanshan District,
      Shenzhen, China,
      Zip Code:518057

      Win Industry Huizhou Longmen Factory

      Address:JinLong Boulevard, Longmen County, Huizhou City

      Zip Code:516800

      Win Industry Company Taiwan Headquarter

      1/F NO.14, Alley 30, Lane 59, Sec. 5, Nanking E. Rd Taipei, Taiwan, China, Zip Code: 105

      TEL: (886 2) 2763 1284   FAX: 886-2763 1287 2762-0964

      E-Mails: win@globalsources.com  marketing@winindustry.com

      Win Industry Company Hong Kong

      Address:Room B, 18/F, Southeast Industrial Building, 611-619 Castle Peak Road,Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

      Win Industry USA Branch

      Address:Michigan, USA



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